StackOverflow logo using C# and GDI+

StackOverflow logoDiscovered the “Code Golf” in StackExchange from the people I follow in twitter (for the #codechallenge hashtag).

The question to generate the StackOverflow logo in code was particularly interesting to me and naturally I wanted to try generating the logo using C# (GDI+ code). Because nobody had a C# solution listed there, I also put the code there as an answer (Look for the answer titled “C#/GDI+”)

I initially recreated the logo in GDI+ without a for loop (every rectangle had a hardcoded value for its locations and size). Using that approach, its possible to recreate the logo almost identical to the original. But I was not happy with doing it that way. Read the rest of this entry »

Wish you all a Happy New Year – 2012 Doomsday style!

The year 2012 is here. The year that some groups claim will be the last year for the planet and its life as we know it. There were many such occasions in the past too (for example, the year 2000). But, here we are… still living and breathing. Read the rest of this entry »