Setting up Git and TortoiseGit with Bitbucket, step by step

I wanted a set of instructions for my colleagues and friends when they want to setup Git and TortoiseGit on Windows (connected to Bitbucket). There are some steps that I have to Google myself too every time, because I don’t install Git & TortoiseGit everyday.

Okay, so this post is going to be a bare-bones, step by step guide for me or anyone (No backgrounds, theories and other noise)


  • Git – is a free and open source distributed version control system.
  • TortoiseGit – is a Git client (GUI interface).
  • Bitbucket – is a web-based project hosting service (supports Git and Mercurial)


  • You already have a Bitbucket account. If not, you can create one here.
  • I’m installing this on Windows 7 – 64bit. I assume you can adapt to minor differences in your flavor of Windows.


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