President Barack Obama and Photosynth

Barack Obama OathI was watching US President Barack H. Obama‘s presidential inauguration last night on CNN, broadcast live and I was really surprised how thrilled I was despite the fact that I am not a US citizen. Largely because I am watching ‘history being made’, in another part of the world in real-time. (One can imagine the excitement of a US citizen at the ‘moment’!)

Microsoft Photosynth

Photosynth Logo Adding to the excitement was the use of Photosynth to present the ‘moment’ of the oath using a huge multi-touch screen by a CNN anchor (click here to see CNN’s Photosynth of the moment). Microsoft’s Photosynth can create an interactive 3D panorama from multiple still images. Read the rest of this entry »

Windows in nuclear submarines

When I said “Windows” I did not mean the ones that we open to breath some fresh air (or water in the case of submarines!).

The Royal Navy has begun using a modified version of Windows XP on their nuclear submarines. And about security (since these are nuclear submarines), they have mentioned that all hack-prone elements of Windows XP were fixed during the modification (wonder if anyone can buy this Windows For Nuclear Submarines!)

Take a look at this modified version of the Bliss wallpaper in flickr. It would be a perfect match for the workstations in the nuclear submarines

New .NET logos

When I was visiting the Microsoft .NET Framework site recently, thought I typed the URL incorrectly for a second, because of the blue logo I saw at the top of the page.

Then I googled (as usual) to see whats up and got to know that the .NET logo has been changed… cool! Read the rest of this entry »

Microsoft and Nokia embrace jQuery !

It was always comfortable to use features that are provided and supported by Microsoft (when it comes to Visual Studio and the like) so that we won’t be in trouble in the future, at least for me.

For this reason, I always think twice (or more) before touching anything that is open source, to be used with production code. The ASP.NET AJAX framework was so easy to use because of the pre-built controls provided by the Ajax Control Toolkit team. I had very few occasions where I needed to write some JavaScript code in the applications. Read the rest of this entry »

Free e-learning course from Microsoft!

That’s right, a FREE e-learning course from Microsoft… I was surprised to see this information in the sponsored links section in the Visual Studio Magazine site.

Go here and register with a .NET passport account, and you are good to go. Read the rest of this entry »