StackOverflow logo using C# and GDI+

StackOverflow logoDiscovered the “Code Golf” in StackExchange from the people I follow in twitter (for the #codechallenge hashtag).

The question to generate the StackOverflow logo in code was particularly interesting to me and naturally I wanted to try generating the logo using C# (GDI+ code). Because nobody had a C# solution listed there, I also put the code there as an answer (Look for the answer titled “C#/GDI+”)

I initially recreated the logo in GDI+ without a for loop (every rectangle had a hardcoded value for its locations and size). Using that approach, its possible to recreate the logo almost identical to the original. But I was not happy with doing it that way. Read the rest of this entry »

Strange characters in Visual Studio code editor

Do you see any strange dots and/or arrows in the Visual Studio code editor and have no idea how you turned them on? (check the screen-shot)

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Microsoft and Nokia embrace jQuery !

It was always comfortable to use features that are provided and supported by Microsoft (when it comes to Visual Studio and the like) so that we won’t be in trouble in the future, at least for me.

For this reason, I always think twice (or more) before touching anything that is open source, to be used with production code. The ASP.NET AJAX framework was so easy to use because of the pre-built controls provided by the Ajax Control Toolkit team. I had very few occasions where I needed to write some JavaScript code in the applications. Read the rest of this entry »

Resetting membership password when the user has forgotton the answer for the security question!

Here is the scenario… a web application has been implemented with the standard user management features… can create new users, the admin approves the users, can recover passwords and change security question + answer bla bla bla

What happens if a user forgets the password?… simple, just goto the password recovery page and answer the security question and get the new password in the email.

But what if he/she doesn’t remember the answer for the security question??? Read the rest of this entry »