Gmail with Push e-mail in a Sony Ericsson K800i – using IMAP4

Ok, so you don’t have to own a BlackBerry to enjoy “Push” email: Email that is actively transferred (pushed) to the device as it arrives. It doesn’t even have to be a Smartphone.

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President Barack Obama and Photosynth

Barack Obama OathI was watching US President Barack H. Obama‘s presidential inauguration last night on CNN, broadcast live and I was really surprised how thrilled I was despite the fact that I am not a US citizen. Largely because I am watching ‘history being made’, in another part of the world in real-time. (One can imagine the excitement of a US citizen at the ‘moment’!)

Microsoft Photosynth

Photosynth Logo Adding to the excitement was the use of Photosynth to present the ‘moment’ of the oath using a huge multi-touch screen by a CNN anchor (click here to see CNN’s Photosynth of the moment). Microsoft’s Photosynth can create an interactive 3D panorama from multiple still images. Read the rest of this entry »

SkyDrive – Store in the cloud

Windows Live SkyDrive is offering 25GB of free online storage now! You heard me right 🙂

I was once an excited user of StreamLoad/MediaMax, who offered 20GB of free online storage. Those are not the only 2 names they had. They had been acquired by many, and they changed a dozen names that I don’t even remember now. I put so many GBs of my precious files in their online drives and lost everything, when they shutdown the website. They said they are free and took all our files into their drives, and when they announced they are going to close the site, they asked for money to give our files back… How rude is that! Read the rest of this entry »