Strange characters in Visual Studio code editor

Do you see any strange dots and/or arrows in the Visual Studio code editor and have no idea how you turned them on? (check the screen-shot)

whitespace characters in visual studio code editor

These represent the “white space” characters such as the space, tab, carriage return etc.

How to turn it on or off:

  1. You can press the key combination CTRL+E, S (can be different if you have modified). OR
  2. Select: Edit » Advanced » View White Space

It’s actually a helpful feature to examine a code file to see what the white space consists of (tabs or spaces). But it can be annoying to keep the feature always turned on.

It has happened at least 5 or more times for me and I always forget what I did the last time to turn it off Happy

I decided to post about it so that someone (including me!) can find this and remember what to do to turn it off (or on).

Hope this helps

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